Welcome Students Hope You Have A Wonderful School Year!!!!!! --------------------------- “Meet the Mustangs” day on Monday, August 28th from 11-12 noon. In the gym. Lunch will be served and will be free. Mustang gear will be available for purchase. Coaches will introduce all of their athletes and pass out schedules for the upcoming seasons.-------------------

Sisseton Wahpeton College 2015-2017 Course Catalog

Review this edition of the SWC catalog. Here you can
find program and course descriptions as well as other important information regarding
what SWC offers and how it best fits into your further education.


34 CFR  668.41(a)-(d);  34 CFR 668.43

Sisseton Wahpeton College Net Price Calculator


 Please remember this is a calculator it will give you an estimation of your need-based financial aid eligibility based on self-reported information.



SWC Net Price Calculator



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Physical Address: BIA Rd 700, Agency Village, SD 57262
Mailing Address: Agency Village Box 689, Sisseton SD 57262
Main Telephone: (605) 698.3966
Fax: (605) 698.3132
Email: contactswc@swc.tc



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