SWC Academic Calendar 2017-2018




May 3         Pre-registration
                  for summer

May 24       Registration

May 30       Classes Begin

June 1        Last Day to Add a Class

June 8        Last Day to Drop a Class

July 13        Last Day to Withdraw

July 28        Last Day of Class

August 15 & 16    Registration

August 21            Classes Begin

August 18            Final day of registration

August 25            Last Day to Add a Class

September 4        Labor Day Holiday –

College Closed

September 6        Last Day to Drop a Class

September 17      Constutution Day

October 9             Native American Day –

College Closed

October 11           End of 1st Half of Semester

October 12           Mid-term grades due

October 25           Last day to withdraw

November 10       Observance of Veterans’ Day Holiday –

                             College Closed

November 23-24     Thanksgiving Holiday –

                                 College closed

December 4-8      Last Week of Classes/Finals

December 11         Final Grades Due

December 13           Registration

January 3                 Registration

January 5                 Final day of registration

January 8                 Classes Begin

January 12               Last Day to Add a Class

January 15               Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
                               College closed

January 24               Last Day to Drop a Class

February 19            President’s Day Holiday
                             College Closed


February 28            End of 1st Half of Semester

March 1                    Mid-term grades due

March 11-14            AIHEC

March 12-16           Spring Break                                              

March 29                 Last day to withdraw

March 30-April 2      Easter Break
                              College Closed

May 1-5                    Last Week of Classes/Finals

May 7                        Final Grades Due

May 12                     36th Annual Graduation

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