Certificate Program

Credit Hours Required: 42

The certificate program in Dakota Language is designed to prepare students with the skills needed to teach the Dakota Language.  Students will acquire proficiency in the Dakota Language, knowledge of teaching methods and their application, and a foundational understanding of linguistics.  Upon successful completion of all certificate requirements, students will receive certification as a Dakota Language instructor through Sisseton Wahpeton College and the State of South Dakota.  The goal of this program is to prepare students to teach the Dakota Language, and also to produce more proficient speakers of the Dakota Language.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the Dakota Language.
  2. Students will describe ways to revitalize and renew the Dakota Language.
  3. Students will organize materials to be used for teaching the Dakota Language.

Required Technical Courses:                                                                                   30

            DKT 110 Dakota Language I                                                                         3

            DKT 112 Dakota Language II                                                                       3

            DKT 130 Dakota History                                                                               3

            DKT 140 Dakota Culture                                                                               3

            DKT 205 Dakota Language III                                                                      3

            DKT 212 Dakota Language Vocabulary Review                                           3

            DKT 220 Dakota Language Literature and Composition                              3

            DKT 225 Dakota Language Oral Communication                                         3

            DKT 278 Teaching Dakota Language and                                                     3

                          Second Language Acquisition Methods

            DKT 279 Teaching Native American Students                                              3 

General Education Requirements Courses:                                                           12

            DKT 120 Introduction to Dakota Studies                                                      3

            ENG 110 Speech Communications                                                                3

            CST 141 Microcomputer Applications                                                           3

            ED 275 Human Relations for Educators                                                        3

 Students that come into the program prepared to take 100 level classes, can complete the program in two years (4 semesters) if taking 12 credits each semester.

Dakota Language Instructor:  Erin Griffin, Eric Dumarce

Cost to complete the program within normal time (15 credits per semester):

 (Based on five semesters)

Tuition                                                             $ 5,250

Registration Fee                                                    200

Lab Fee $50 (per lab class)                                     50

Library Usage/Email Account Fee                        120

Building Usage Fee                                              100

Technical Fee                                                        360

Books and Supplies (estimate)                           2,400

Graduation Fee                                                       40

Activity Fee                                                          120

Total                                                                $8,640