Certificate Program

Credit Hours Required: 60

Prospective nursing students must apply to Sisseton Wahpeton College and meet all admission criteria set forth by the college. Students may enter the college as a pre-nursing student and enroll in preparatory courses at any time.

Completing the application process does not guarantee admission to the nursing courses. Numbers of students in the courses are limited by availability of clinical experiences and available faculty. In the case of an excess of qualified applicants, grade point average and whether the pre-nursing courses have been completed at Sisseton Wahpeton College will be considered in making the decision as to which students will be accepted into the courses. Qualified applicants who are not admitted will be given priority for a position in the next class. Students will be admitted to nursing courses to begin each fall 

Program Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate accountability for own nursing practice.
  2. Demonstrate caring/advocacy behaviors.
  3. Demonstrate collaborative skills within health care environments within the scope and practice of the LPN
  4. Demonstrate therapeutic interpersonal skills in operationalizing nursing care
  5. Incorporate critical thinking in the management of clients within the scope and practice of the LPN
  6. Incorporate safety in the performance of nursing skills.
  7. Incorporate the nursing process in decision-making related to client care within the scope and practice of the LPN
  8. Assist with the implementation of nursing care that promotes an optimal level of self-care.
  9. Solve problems in a team environment within the scope and practice of the LPN


Required Technical Courses                                                                                    31

                NUR 101        Medical Terminology                                                              1

            NUR 116        Basic Nursing Processes and Skills                                         2

            NUR 117        Basic Nursing Processes and Skills Lab and Clinical             7

            NUR 118        Human Development and Relationships in Nursing               3

            NUR 119        Human Development and Relationships in Nursing Clinical 1                     

            NUR 132        Maternal-Child Nursing Processes and Skills                         2

            NUR 133        Maternal-Child Nursing Processes and Skills Clinical            2

            NUR 134        Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing                                             3

            NUR 135        Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing Lab and Clinical                  7

            NUR 141        Clinical Experience in Practical Nursing                                 3

General Education Requirements                                                                           29

Specific to LPN Program (To be completed prior to taking nursing courses)

            NUR 103        Nursing Assistant                                                                    4

            HPER 112       Contemporary Health Issues                                                   2

            NS 231                        Anatomy                                                                     4

            PSY 110                      General Psychology                                                    3

            CST 141          Microcomputer Applications                                                  3

            DKT 120         Introduction to Dakota Studies or                                          3

            DKT 110         Dakota Language I (Tribal Members)

            ENG 112         English Composition I                                                            3

            MATH 120     Intermediate Algebra or

            MATH 130     College Algebra                                                                      3

            GEN 101         Pathways to Success                                                               3

            GEN 270         Capstone Course                                                                     1


Students that come into the program prepared to take 100 level classes, can complete the program in two years (4 semesters) and one summer if taking 13-16 credits each semester.

Nursing Instructor:  Kari Quail

Adjunct Instructors:


Cost to complete the program within normal time (13-16 credits per semester):

(Based on four semesters and one summer)

Tuition                                                             $ 7,500

Registration Fee                                                    250

Lab Fee $50 (per lab class)                                 1650

Library Usage/Email Account Fee                        150

Building Usage Fee                                              125

Technical Fee                                                        450

Books and Supplies (estimate)                           3,000

Graduation Fee                                                       40

Activity Fee                                                          150

Total                                                               $13,215                                   


34 CFR 668.6(b) The name and U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification code of the occupations that the program prepares the student to enter along with links to occupational profiles on the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET web site or its successor site.

  • 29-2061 Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses

Care for ill, injured, or convalescing patients or persons with disabilities in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, private homes, group homes, and similar institutions. May work under the supervision of a registered nurse. Licensing required.

Broad Occupation: 29-2060 Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses 
Minor Group: 29-2000 Health Technologists and Technicians 
Major Group: 29-0000 Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations 

O*NET link for LPN

Academic and Financial Aid Appeal 2017 34 CFR 668.41 (a)-(d), 34 CFR 668.42, 34 CFR 668.43

Student Net Price Calculator 20 U.S.C. 1015a(a); 20 U.S.C. 1015a(h); DCL GEN 08-12, page 33

Accreditation, Approval, or Licensure ( 34 CFR 668.41(a) –(d); 34 CFR 668.43 )

Names of associations, agencies, or governmental bodies that accredit,approve, or license the school and its programs.
Procedures for obtaining or reviewing documents describing accreditation, approval, or licensing. 



Retention Rates 34 CFR 668.41 and Graduation Rates

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