Degree: Associate of Science

Credit Hours Required: 65

The curriculum for Sustainable Environmental Studies is designed to prepare students to transfer to an environmental science program at a four-year institution or to further employment opportunities. This degree provides a well-rounded approach to the environmental sciences with a strong emphasis on core biology and chemistry components

Program Outcomes:

  1. Synthesize basic concepts of environmental sciences.
  2. Exhibit knowledge with at least one major taxonomic group.
  3. Recognize the environmental issues impacting both the Lake Traverse Reservation and the Global community.
  4. Incorporate environmental behaviors that reflect community awareness.
  5. Perform good laboratory practices.
  6. Exhibit basic mastery of course content.
  7. Analyze a land use plan.

Required Professional Courses                                                                                24

            NS 130 Principles of Botany                                                                          4

            NS 212 General Biology                                                                                 4

            NS 225 Environmental Science                                                                      4

            Students are required to complete 12 credit hours selected from:                 12

            NS 115, NS 135, NS 140, NS 170, NS 215, NS 220, NS 226, or NS 260

General Education Requirements                                                                           41

Please refer back to page 32-33 of the catalog for a full description of each of these General Education requirements.

            English/Communications                                                                                6

            Math/Science                                                                                                  7

            Humanities                                                                                                      3

            Social Sciences                                                                                                6

            Dakota Studies                                                                                               6

            Computer Science                                                                                           3

            General Education                                                                                          4

            General Education Electives                                                                           6


Students that come into the program prepared to take 100 level classes, can complete the program in two years (4 semesters) and one summer if taking 15 credits each semester. If a student takes 12 credits, minimum for full-time, the program can be completed in 2.5 years (5 semesters) and one summer.

Sustainable Environmental Instructor:  TBA

Cost to complete the program within normal time (15 credits per semester):

 (Based on five semesters)

Tuition                                                             $ 8,125

Registration Fee                                                    250

Lab Fee $50 (per lab class)                                   400

Library Usage/Email Account Fee                        150

Building Usage Fee                                              125

Technical Fee                                                        450

Books and Supplies (estimate)                            3000

Graduation Fee                                                       40

Activity Fee                                                          150

Total                                                              $12,690